Feeling Your Emotions Intensely is a Talent


“Having exceptional talent or natural ability.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this term before in either elementary school or high school. The “gifted” kids are the ones who had their own program and were really great at math, right?

Here’s the thing.

I have been thinking a lot the last week or so about people (like myself) with mental illness. Why do they have mental illness? I’m a psychology major, so don’t worry, I understand that mental illnesses are disorders that effects your mood, thinking and behaviour. In the end, doesn’t that just mean you’re very in tune with your emotions? Isn’t that a good thing?!

Please hear me out – I feel like this may come across as a bit odd and you may be thinking “Christina, please stop while you’re ahead”. But I swear I’m on to something….

I want to introduce to you being emotionally gifted.

Mental illness is very often seen as an awful thing, and I really want to shed a little light on the matter. People with mental illness seem to feel deeper than the rest of the world. We “emotionally gifted” people are SO. IN. TUNED. with our emotions!!!!!!! I can see it in the replies I get on my posts, and the way they write their own posts/blogs. My followers/people I follow who have mental illness seem to feel deeper than other “average” people in my life.

Being emotionally in tuned is so key when recovering from mental illness!

We as emotionally gifted people have the natural ability to be incredibly in tuned with ourselves, and it can get us frustrated for not knowing why we feel so hard about such things that some people would consider “small” or “unimportant”.

It’s our society, which has created these stigma’s around mentally ill people, and it is completely misleading. People being over emotional is often seen as a weakness, but I think it shows just how strong you are. The stigma around being emotional is almost as strong as the stigma around mental health. Some of the most commonly heard stigma’s around being emotional are:

“They’re dangerous! Stay away!”

“They are crybabies.”

“They complain too often about nothing.”

“They use their diagnosis as an excuse for poor behaviour.”

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Let’s take a second to compare “school gifted” to “emotionally gifted”. School gifted people are far superior subjects learned in school like math, science, English, etc. But those of us who have mental illness are emotionally gifted not school gifted, and we have the exceptional talent to be in tuned with our own emotions, and most of the time with other people’s emotions as well. Even if we don’t like these feelings, we recognize when we have them, and we can overthink them to a point of no return

…the same way a gifted mathematician gets really into solving a math problem.

We are trying an incredible amount to solve our OWN personal emotional problems. 

We can tell when people are being fake. We often feel confused with the question “who am I?”. We can tell how someone else is doing just by looking at them. We sense danger faster than other people. #WeAreEmotionallyGifted.

I talked to someone not too long back about how they have a theory that people with mental illness are just overly advanced humans who are too advanced for the world we live in. He also told me that these people probably have the ability to obtain super powers if trained properly. He said since nobody’s ever considered this, none of us mental illness babies were given the opportunity to be trained, and instead have been labelled as “crazy” and “ill”.

I find this all really interesting – I totally believe this “theory” too. I haven’t done research on this, but I like the way this sounds..I bet we do have superpowers. Even if it’s just to be there for one another in times we need it. That’s a superpower, babe!

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

In the end, if you are “emotionally gifted” please don’t beat yourself up over the amount of emotions you feel on a daily basis. You’re incredibly “normal” to me and there’s a group of us exactly like you! You deal with all of the crap within this world so don’t hate on yourself for feeling your feelings.

Next time you find yourself in a place where most people would label you as “overdramatic”, “an over-thinker”, “weak” or anything else along these lines, please remind yourself that you’re emotionally gifted .

Feel free to share your in-the-moment-experience with being emotionally gifted using the hashtag #WeAreEmotionallyGifted. Also tag me if you’d like because I’d love to see your post!



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